Who We Are

Bigseal Foundation is non- governmental organization not for profit and charity in nature, registered to work in Uganda to improve people living conditions for self-sustainability. The organization was established in 2014 and got its registration with NGO board on 04th May 2017 with a registration number 12988.

The organization exists to serve the community through engaging in transformed innovation in favor of creating jobs to the community especially the youth and women in different districts in Uganda focusing on individual behavior change amongst young people as well as creating a systematic change in policy and practice towards a more supportive environment development. We deliver grassroots programmes in some of the most hard to reach and underserved areas of Uganda.

In addition, we build the capacity of the community to work more effectively with and for the community in order to meet the basic human needs.

Our major aim is to support the community to create jobs for the community in order to improve on their living conditions through supporting communities to engage in income generating activities for livelihood improvement.

To build community capacity through innovation and transformation for livelihood improvement in Uganda.

A transformed community where all individuals have access to basic human needs.

To support an infrastructure where the community through innovation and capacity building have access to basic human needs for self-sustainability.

  • Honesty: We admit to  actions
  • Integrity:We are consistency and free from corruption.
  • Accountability: We  serve as  stewards  for  our  community investments and  honor  the  charitable intentions  of  our donors
  • Responsive: We value every person and respond to all people’s challenges.


Bigseal is working towards achieving the following objectives for the benefit of its target group to improve on their living conditions.

  1. To provide safe drinking water in areas where such facilities are missing, especially the rural areas, by digging bore holes, wells, water harvesting and treating, as well as encouraging and promoting sanitation, clean, decent and healthy living conditions in the community.
  2. Creating opportunities for underprivileged youth and women to access resources for formal and informal education, practical skills training, scientific innovation, appropriate technologies, and economic development.
  3. To promote and improve food security, nutrition and household incomes through increased productivity and market oriented farming among women, youth, and people with disabilities
  4. To provide orphaned, destitute, disadvantaged, and abandoned children with the basic necessities and or necessaries of life such as food, clothing, medical and health care.
  5. To promote health by establishing, clinics, medical centers, hospitals, community health schemes and providing health services and medical care to the sick, needy persons, orphans, widows and HIV/AIDS affected and infected persons.
  6. To enhance climate resilience activities in Uganda through support climate related activities in favor of improving the environment.
  7. To rehabilitate, reform or rebuild the lives of children living on the streets (street children); children addicted to drugs,  alcohol, illicit sex, prostitution; children affected by teenage pregnancies and children distressed by disasters and wars.
  8. To develop partnerships with local and international communities and organizations  in favour of mobilizing resources to support the planned activities.